Winners will be notified by phone and will be posted on Social Media.

10/1/2018Yeti 20 QT RoadieStephen Ricks
10/2/2018Smith and Wesson 642 38SPLDebbie Carnell
10/3/2018Ruger LCP 380Dennis Sandifer
10/4/2018Yeti 35 QT. TundraSarah Thurlkill
10/5/2018Henry H001 22LR Lever RifleTina Stutts
10/6/2018Yeti 45 QT. TundraBrian Forbes
10/7/2018Remington 783 Bolt ActionJoyce Myers
10/8/2018Yeti 20 QT RodieBen Parker
10/9/2018Winchester XPR 3006 RifleJustin Traylor
10/10/2018Remington 870 12GA BLK SYNChristy McIlwain
10/11/2018Winchester XSXP 12 BOTTOMLAND 
10/12/2018Yeti 50 QT. Tundra 
10/13/2018TC Venture 270 
10/14/2018Savage 93 FV-SR 22MAG 93207 
10/15/2018Taurus 85 FS 38SPL 
10/16/2018Remington 783 Bolt Action 
10/17/2018Savage Axis YTH 708 
10/18/2018Benelli Nova 12GA 
10/19/2018Ruger American 6.5 Creedmoor 
10/20/2018Remington 870 12GA BLK SYN 
10/21/2018SIG 290RS-9-ENC-XTM 
10/22/2018TC Venture 3006 
10/23/2018Savage Axis YTH 708 
10/24/2018Browning Abolt III BLK SYN 
10/25/2018Yeti 35 QT Tundra 
10/26/2018Stoeger M3000 MAX 5 12GA 
10/27/2018Yeti 35 Qt Tundra 
10/28/2018Smith and Wesson M&P 15-22 
10/29/2018Ruger 10-22 Rifle 
10/30/2018Yeti 65 QT. Tundra 
10/31/20181000.00 Cash Prize (pickup at school)