2018-2019 Swim Roster

Back Row L to R- Coach Kaye Stucky, Macie Watson (8th), Bailey Noland (9th), Will Woods (10th), Alex Woods (8th), Andrew Shaw (12th-Captain), Matthew Poulin (12th-Captain), Hayden Palmer (11th), Sullivan Knight (11th), Bryson Andrews (10th), Emily Easterling (12th-Captain), Coach Katie Cook

3rd Row L to R- Emma Kate King (11th), Lindsey Patrick (10th), Carolyn Beard (10th), Ally Ross (12th-Captain), Anna Scott Parker (11th), Marley Kate Williams (11th), Draven Giles (9th), Brock Ross (8th), Addyson Williams (9th), Hannah Rector (10th)

2nd Row L to R- Mallory Grace Thomas (8th), Morgan Simkins (7th), Torilynn Davis (7th), Abigail Andrews (7th), Laken Frederick (12th- Captain), Rebecca Lynn Dickerson (9th), Ainslie Curtis (9th), Staten Rector (8th)

1st Row L to R- Meaghan McMurtry (7th), Morgan McMurtry (7th), Kyla Goldman (7th), Ryan Beard (7th), Cole Robinson (8th), Tyler Smouse (7th), Grissom Brooks (8th)