Thirty for Thirty Fundraiser

Support the Brandon Bulldogs!

Purchase Tickets for $20 each for your chance to win one of these great prizes drawn each day in the month of October. 100% of the profits generated from the Thirty for Thirty Raffle will support each and every Bulldog Athlete!
1David Day
2Craig Vowell
3Jeremy Williams
4Amy Smith
5Jamie Jordan
6Brenda Dixon
7Alston Curtis
8Chip Sullivan
9Amanda Peak
10Mark Peagler
11Grady Lodis
12Sarah Foreman
13Kathy Gambrell
14Roger Jennings
15Wes Wilmoth
16Stephen Harrison
17Chip Sullivan
18Mike Griffin
19Susan Claycomb
20Troy Hilton
21Billy Banaka
22Sam Goad
23Sharon Sampson
24Ty Parker
25Andra Turner
26Cathy Gilreath
27Matt Cooley
28Natasha Mitchell
29Jan / Randy Walker